Santa Skivvies Run 2016 

The Santa Skivvies Run is a festive fun run through the Castro benefiting San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Everyone is welcome to participate: Naughty or nice, young or old, fresh-faced newbie or long-time Skivvies veteran. Pull on your favorite festive costume, or strip down to your undies to raise awareness and fight HIV/AIDS in our community.

In Sponsorship with the Lookout, we were able to pass our 65k dollar goal and raise more than 95 thousand.

As the sole designer, I supported the events and marketing teams across many different areas from their social media strategy, advertising and materials leading up to the event, fundraising incentive selection and design, as well as signage and photography during the event to post on the foundations various social media pages. 

Project Services

+ Illustration

+ Advertising 

+ Photography