Real Talk
What now? Mobilizing over the next four years. 

Three days after Donald Trump was inaugurated as our 45th President, San Francisco AIDS Foundation hosted a Real Talk event to grapple with what his election meant for our healthcare, our community, our rights, and our safety. In this community forum they discussed the implications of our next President's actions, and how we can come together as a community to protect affordable health care, reproductive rights, Black lives, LGBTQ rights, undocumented people, HIV care funding, and more. The event was moderated by Honey Mahogany and Sister Roma.

This was a fun little project for me as I got to explore how I could Trumpify the design to subtly give reference to our new President. How did I do this? Well, I grabbed a picture of Trump from the internet and color picked his face to get the right crusty orange we all love. I then spent the next hour looking up toupee's at work and illustrating one to put on the "a" in the design. You're welcome. 

Looking back, this event was a wild success, we had 94 new signups with name and email, more than hit capacity at Strut, our health and wellness center, and we're told it was one of their most successful turnouts yet. 

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