Adviatech is a legal marketing company providing online marketing and design solutions for small and large multi-location law firms. Their brands include SEO | Law Firm, Law Firm Newswire, Custom Legal Marketing, and Bigger Law Firm magazine. The company's strengths have always been in identifying technologies and determining the differences between fads and future marketing pillars.

With this in mind, I took inspiration from modern fonts that were geographic in form that gave reference to the underlying structure of web design, one of their main offerings to clients. During the research phase, I talked with the founder and learned where their name comes from, which is Advertising via Technology. I realized this was the problem that I needed to solve. I explored fluidity and how I could design individual letters to blend together, perhaps forming units or groups that would better relay what Adviatech is, and offers to their clients.

The assignment started with an icon. They wanted me to play with the "A" and the "d" the two letters that has been their logo since their inception in 2005. After I had come across a solution, I then expanded into hand lettering a wordmark all their own and brought to them a thinner version to be used if needed in a smaller size.

Project Services

+ Hand Lettering

+ Logo Design 

+ CUSTOM Website


⇢ In progress!